The Pogues Universe

Songs & Stories (part 1)
Personal stories behind the Pogues songs, moments that inspired their writing, recollections and comments of their authors.

Songs & Stories (part 2)

Follow-up to the previous: songs outside the seven "regular" albums by the Pogues & Shane's solo songs.

Albums & Stories

Reminiscences of recording the Pogues albums and of the prevailing atmosphere.

Videos & Stories

Stories about shooting videos for the Pogues songs and memories of those who took part.

Borrowed Music

Info on songs and tunes which were borrowed or adapted for the Pogues tracks.

Pogues Curiosities

The Pogues inspirations in unexpected contexts - how the Pogues infiltrated into art, pub life etc.

FONY Parodies
The most famous Pogues song in the hands of merciless parodists.

Shane's unmistakable laugh in the words of journalists.

Lost in Translation

What happens when you feed the names of the Pogues members to an ever-clever translating machine.

A Rainy Night In Moscow
Reports, photos and memorabilia from the Pogues first-ever gig in Eastern Europe.

Mirrored in the Media
Some stuff from the press.

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