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The Pogues universe

Quare Things in Kiev
Photo evidence of the Ukrainian capital at its strangest, weirdest and most peculiar...
Travel: Kiev oddities

Back in the U.S.S.R.? 
Following the tracks of Pushkin and young pioneers and exploring a once-famous part of the lovely Crimean coast...
Travel: Pioneer camp Artek

A Walk, Just a Little Walk 
Down beside where the waters flow, down by the banks of the... Vltava. And uphill from there, too. A handful of shots from the city in the grip of frost.
Frosty Prague

A Grab Bag of Prague Pics 
Prague's streets, alleys, passages, pavilions, flora & fauna and memorable moments as captured through the camera lens in 2011.

Prague zoo throughout the year
Spring (and late summer... and frogs!) at Petřín
Hotchpotch from the historical centre
Saying goodbye to Václav Havel

Some Like It Weird 
Some cities boast monstrous ships. Some adore oranges. Some show you what to expect of marriage. Some like it big (fancy a 20-metre match to light your fire?), some like it small (don’t step on dwarfs!). Here is some evidence of the wild creativity of European sculptors.

Mag articles: Floating Monsters and Fighting Skeletons (weird sculptures part 1)
Mag articles: Turtles and Oranges (weird sculptures part 2)

Christmas is All Around
Alright, not yet but a visit to a family-run business specialized on producing hand-made Christmas balls makes one feel like that. A photo-report from a Christmas decoration kingdom, where they play with fire, perform chemical experiments, create glittery art and mess with such non-Christmassy things as hippos and phone booths...

From a piece of glass to a Christmas ball

Around Europe
From hot summer to colourful autumn. From the grachts of Holland to the coves of the Black Sea. From tiny dwarfs to gigantic Lenins. A harvest of photos from this year’s travels abroad.
Holland    Munich (Germany)    Wroclaw (Poland)
Ukraine:  Artek,  Gurzuf,  Ai-PetriYalta,  Around Yalta

And as a kind of a P.S. a set from home sweet home - what happens when one sets out to enjoy warm sun and brightly coloured autumn leaves and ends up in a chilly fairy forest instead...

Enchanted forest

Music, Music, Music
And fun shows and colourful lights and all that jazz. In stuffy clubs as well as under the open starry sky. The Greenland Whalefishers (a bunch of Norwegian folk-punkers, fronted by Shane MacGowan's twin, at least judging by his voice) take the cake for the most amusing spectacle on stage. The Tannahill Weavers for the most outstanding music. And Manran for sweet Gaidhlig (though apart from that they were good fun too)
Music photos: Greenland Whalefishers
Musi(c)ngs: Something like a review of the GWF gig
Music photos: Tannahill Weavers
Music photos: Manran




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